How have the remedies worked for me?             

'' I’ve been taking Bach flower remedies on and off for at least 20 years, mostly prepared by Karen Irvine and also at times by Ian Brown. During the last 5 years, it’s been mainly Karen doing the consultations and preparing the remedies for me. I think that the remedies work on a number of levels. Initially there is a consultation with the practitioner where the issues, surface and underlying, are discussed. The way the consultation is conducted is very much like a therapy session, where the consultee is encouraged to open up and verbalise the issues being faced at the time. The consultation is a two way conversation, where the practitioner asks questions which uncover the deeper feelings being experienced. This is, in itself is a beginning or continuation of the healing process and as subsequent consultations take place the issues are narrowed down (also as healing takes place) and this illustrates to the consultee the process of acceptance and healing. Following the consultation, remedies decided upon during the consultation are prepared and taken over a period of days until new ones are required due to them being used up or a change in state/feelings. I don’t fully understand how the remedies work but, for me the act of taking them reinforces and reminds me of the discussion of the issues during consultation and causes me to reflect on what has been said. I find that in the beginning, I take them more often and need refills more often. This initiates a new conversation and the mix is refined. As time passes, I find that I take them less frequently and the gaps between refills/consultations increase. I believe this is a combination of the effect of the conversations, healing with time and the subtle effect of the remedies themselves. ''


Robin Cruickshank