Online via Zoom, Skype, Telephone or Face to Face

The First Consultation:

Appointments only.

£38.00 (inc. personal remedy mixture & treatment bottle)

Face to face consultations usually takes place at my home studio within a quiet rural setting located in the Eden Valley.

Alternatively we could arrange an online Zoom; Skype or telephone consultation and I can post a treatment bottle to you.

It is recommended that you have an initial consultation with a follow up session a few weeks later. This will be approximately 3 weeks on finishing your treatment bottle.

Your first consultation will generally take between 1 hour to 1 hour and a half. In this time I will be discovering how much you may know about the remedies and introducing you to them and  how they work. Then during a relaxed and confidential chat we shall be able to identify key emotions that you are currently experiencing and wish to transform. This will help us choose together the most appropriate mix of Bach Flower remedies for you at this particular time. Usually between  1 & 7 remedies.

You will then take away with you your own personal bespoke treatment bottle of the chosen Bach flower remedies with clear instructions on how to use them.

The Second Consultation:


You will most likely have finished your treatment bottle within 3 weeks. We will then have the second consultation, if you feel this is appropriate.

This and any other sessions will last between 30 minutes and an hour.

Your second treatment bottle could be different to the first, as the gentle re-balancing action of the remedies unfolds. 

Dr Edward Bach, the discoverer of this natural system of healing, was very keen that as many people as possible should learn about the 38 flower remedies. So part of my job as a Bach Flower remedy practitioner is to help educate others in how to select the appropriate remedies for themselves. And also to show you how to mix a personal  treatment bottle ready for when you feel confident in selecting the remedies for yourself.                         

Contact Information: 

To make an appointment you can call me on

01931 715 237  or  07866593581


If you have any inquiries please feel free to ring. 

Remember to leave your name & contact number. 

Payment through papal or bank transfer/ cheque telephone consultations.

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