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Rescue Remedy


Rescue Remedy is the trademark name for Dr.Bach's only combination remedy. Dr. Bach combined 5 of the flower remedies to make this crisis formula over 80 years ago. Rescue Remedy is the most well known of all the remedies.


Rescue Remedy is the remedy to be used in emergency situations. If you have had an accident or witnessed one or if you have received sudden bad news, a family upset or bereavement or if you are in shock or facing great fear or terror. This is where Rescue Remedy can really help.


It is helpful for children when they have had a night terror or are unsettled from having a nightmare. Often used to aid child birth, Rescue Remedy will help to neutralise the effects of shock, some of the symptoms being confusion, fearing a loss of control of mind and behaviour, irritability and temporary paralysis. 


It can also be taken before a stressful event.  For example while waiting for important news, prior to sitting an exam or taking a driving test. Or before a difficult meeting or interview, going to the dentist or into hospital. Rescue Remedy will help to reduce your fear and nervousness.


It is an excellent remedy whenever you feel uptight or unduly bothered and can usually restore balance helping you face the situation in a better frame of mind.


After an accident an immediate dose of Rescue Remedy can contribute greatly to counteracting it's effects and helping the natural healing process to take its course. It provides comfort and reassurance .


Remember all the remedies are completely safe for all to take and this includes children as well as adults and animals. It works beautifully for plants too.


Rescue Remedy can be the natural go- to remedy but if you find that you are taking it frequently then it may be an idea to look at some of the other remedies to see if there is a more suitable remedy for the way you are feeling .


The 5 remedies that make up rescue remedy are:-


STAR OF BETHLEHEM, (treats shock)

CHERRY PLUM, (fear of the mind losing control)

IMPATIENS, (irritability)

CLEMATIS,(feeling disconnected)

ROCK ROSE (for feelings of terror)


If you find that any of the remedy descriptions are really resonating with you and would like to know more about how they can be of support to you, please feel free to contact me.