How have the remedies worked for me? 

Karen is a friendly, sensitive and wise practitioner.  She has the ability to truly listen, beyond the words, going deeper into any underlying discomfort and imbalances.  With insight and understanding she is able to support positive good health on all levels. An excellent Bach Remedy and Reiki practitioner. Friends whom I’ve recommended her to have all given pleasing feedback.  (Freya, Cumbria)

I would say the remedies have been very helpful especially as a piece of mind. When I have felt trapped or stressed, knowing that the drops were there was a great help and helped me cope with situations that I did not feel comfortable. E.L. Cumbria .

I found Bach Remedies 30 years ago through a Reiki Master who recommended them as support to the course of treatment I was receiving. I have used individual remedies ever since when life threw up difficult issue, but always as an add on to other therapies.

During a particularly difficult   time when I struggled to see the way through, Karen mentioned Bach Flower as a therapy in its own right. Over a three to four month period I had three sessions from which she made a blend specifically targeting the challenge I was wrestling with. On each visit the blend was tweaked and the layers were peeled back revealing the root of my problem and freeing my energy so I could move on. 

Unique to me, Karen’s expertly mixed blends worked subtlety in the background. I carry mine with me and use intuitively throughout the day.

Sometimes I need the whole bottle  over a three to four week period to work its magic and the next only half a bottle would be needed to secure  release.

A Bach Flower blend is portable and easy to use. Just holding the bottle I could feel a calming of the mind and clear thinking return.

In the hands of a trained specialist such as Karen, you can move the mountains of your mind.

J Rhodes, Carlisle

'' I’ve been taking Bach flower remedies on and off for at least 20 years, mostly prepared by Karen Irvine and also at times by Ian Brown. During the last 5 years, it’s been mainly Karen doing the consultations and preparing the remedies for me. I think that the remedies work on a number of levels. Initially there is a consultation with the practitioner where the issues, surface and underlying, are discussed. The way the consultation is conducted is very much like a therapy session, where the consultee is encouraged to open up and verbalise the issues being faced at the time. The consultation is a two way conversation, where the practitioner asks questions which uncover the deeper feelings being experienced. This is, in itself is a beginning or continuation of the healing process and as subsequent consultations take place the issues are narrowed down (also as healing takes place) and this illustrates to the consultee the process of acceptance and healing. Following the consultation, remedies decided upon during the consultation are prepared and taken over a period of days until new ones are required due to them being used up or a change in state/feelings. I don’t fully understand how the remedies work but, for me the act of taking them reinforces and reminds me of the discussion of the issues during consultation and causes me to reflect on what has been said. I find that in the beginning, I take them more often and need refills more often. This initiates a new conversation and the mix is refined. As time passes, I find that I take them less frequently and the gaps between refills/consultations increase. I believe this is a combination of the effect of the conversations, healing with time and the subtle effect of the remedies themselves. ''


Robin Cruickshank  (Appleby in Westmorland)