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Your Personal Treatment Bottle...

I offer a personal treatment bottle service, where you can choose the remedies which you feel you need - up to a maximum of seven. Traditionally a small amount of brandy is added to the treatment bottle to keep the contents pure. If you would prefer, I can use an alternative preservative  i.e. wine vinegar, glycerin or none at all (you will need to keep the bottle in a cool place). Please inform me when ordering.

The dosage for the Bach Flower mix is four drops at least four times a day. You can take the remedy directly onto your tongue or add the four drops to any drink. As there is no maximum dose, if during your course of remedies you are feeling particularly emotionally impacted, then take the four drops more frequently until you feel more settled. During particularly stressful times you may find the need to take Rescue Remedy as well.

It is perfectly safe for people of all ages, including children, to take the remedies without harm.

Take a look through the 38 remedies list. Choose the remedies which you feel correspond with how you are feeling at present, taking notice of your reactions and responses to your life situation. Notice the moods, anxieties and stress that are preventing you from feeling more peaceful and at ease.


Choose between 1 and 7 remedies. If you are having difficulty choosing less than 7 either pick the ones that are most important to you or if you would like advice please contact me or book a consultation. Whatever remedies you choose they will help the re balancing process for you. When you have finished your treatment bottle you can then decide what changes have taken place and adjust the remedies according to how you are feeling now for  a further treatment bottle if needed.

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Personal Remedy Mix £12

including Post and Package