Bach Flower Remedies

What are Bach flower remedies ? They were discovered by Dr Edward Bach in 1930’s as a natural and gentle way of transforming negative moods & emotions. They are made in the most natural way out of the flowers of plants and trees and they work specifically on re balancing  the emotions and  feelings. They are not harmful in any way or habit forming and can be taken along side all medications. Dr Bach ‘s emergency combination of Rescue Remedy is the most well known of the remedies. It is used by many for emotional comfort and support all over the world.
The remedies are prescribed and chosen purely in relation to your state of mind according to your moods--fears, worries, anxieties, depression and anger etc. There are 38 flower remedies which cover all the negative moods and emotional sates from which we all can suffer from time to time. Whenever you are feeling out of sorts or not quite your usual self the correct chosen remedy will gently help transform the negative mood back to a more positive state of mind and leave you feeling more like your real self!
We have all experienced times when we have been stressed, worried, fearful, overwhelmed, lacking confidence, in shock or in grief. These are some of the states of mind we can find ourselves suffering from at various times in our lives. We look through the 38 remedies and choose any of up to seven of them. We then mix a combination to match the emotional state that you are feeling right now. You will have your own unique prescription bottle and will take four doses regularly four times a day either directly or in drinks. Over a little time you will notice gentle, positive changes happening for you.

''Karen’s remedies have been a great help to me and my family for years now. At times they have been vital in getting me through some turbulent times. During consultations she is very sensitive but thorough in getting to the heart of what the problem is. Her passion and energy is infectious and has helped me many times find the courage to be honest and  brave when discussing what I think is causing anxiety or anger. I cannot recommend her highly enough.''

Dylan B. actor Brighton.

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